About Dr. Mark A. Gabriel

Expert on Islamic Law

The multidisciplinary nature of our focused on Islam and Human Rights Research has been the major strength of our work since we began our journey. Keep reading to find out what we are currently investigating.

Al-Azhar Scholar


He is a graduate of Al-Azhar University in Cairo and former Lecturer of Islamic History and Culture.

PhD in Law (University of Cape Town)


In his recent dissertation on Reforming Islamic Law, Dr. Gabriel demonstrated how Islamic Criminal Law can be reconciled with International Human Rights.


Dr. Gabriel has written numerous books in Islamic religion, history and culture. Most of them have been translated into many different languages.

Political Advisor

He has been asked by several governments around the globe as political advisor on national security and Middle Eastern affairs.

Speaker and Lecturer

Dr. Gabriel has traveled the world to teach and educate on Islam and Human Rights. He has been key note speaker in many national and international conferences and lectured in many universities.