• Dr. Mark A. Gabriel

Trump's Ban on Muslims

National Security is important, but we need to be fair and we should not treat all Muslims the same. The problem is not with Muslims as people, but with radical Islamic interpretations.

We should always keep in mind that the heart of the problem is not with the Muslim people, but with the radical Islamic teachings and interpretations. The problem is with Islamic Law. This is why I believe that rather than fighting terrorism with violence, it will be more beneficial to do whatever we can to encourage all moderate and peace loving Muslims to promote a reformation of Islamic law. (Please note, that I am not calling to question or change Shariah. It is important to distinguish between Shariah and Islamic Law.)

Radical Muslims claim to do the will of Allah and they act according to Islamic law. They view Islamic criminal law including, for example, the stoning of women for adultery as divine and infallible. They believe they do right when they kill whomever they consider as ‘enemies of Allah’. This view, however, is based on the human interpretations of some early Muslim scholars and does not correctly reflect Shariah. Some of the harsh punishments assigned by Islamic law, including the stoning of women, in fact, contradict the Qur’an. The problem is thus with the radical Islamic interpretations – not with Muslims as people in general.

The good news is that only a relatively small percentage of Muslims holds to those radical teachings. The majority of Muslims are either secular and/or moderate. Many of them are just Muslim by birth and do not even care much about religion, and others focus on the peaceful teachings contained in Shariah.

Therefore, rather than spreading fear of Muslims, it will be more beneficial for a Western society, to focus on the common ground with the moderate Muslims. Together we should seek to advance the protection of human rights of all people – both in the West and in Muslim countries.

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