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Let me clear the confusion about the Prophet Muhammad’s call to protect and defend Christians from one side (see my previous post) and the call to kill all non-Muslims from the other.

It is important to note that the call to jihad was a reaction to the situation that the Prophet Muhammad and his Muslim community found themselves in. At that time they were still a minority in the Arabian Peninsula and they were threatened by many surrounding tribes.

So the call for jihad was meant to secure their existence. This reflects the Islamic principle that all Islamic teaching has to be seen in its context of time and environment, considering the reality of life. Today, in our 21st century, Muslims are no longer a minority. Muslim countries are among the richest countries on earth. And the number of Muslims worldwide makes it obvious that they no longer need to fight for their existence.

Even in Western countries where Muslims are a minority they enjoy religious freedom and don’t need to defend their religion. So there is no need and no justification for violence against non-Muslims. Today the biggest threat to the Muslim community is the social and economic misery in many Muslim countries, the lack of peace and stability, the sufferance caused by dictators and corrupt regimes. Any good Muslim who wants to follow the example of his Prophet and who want to defend the Muslim community, should use his strength and influence to defend his Muslim community by fighting against cholera and poverty.

Stop blaming Jews and Christians for your misery and for any problem you face, including the leaking of the sewer system in your streets. Stop playing the victim. Yes the crusaders played a terrible role in history, but this is history! We live today and you should take responsibility for your lives and tackle your real problems. Make sure your people have a clean water to drink. Fight for a better future by defending human rights and by building up a strong educational system that does not rely on memorization only, but that uses modern technology and brings forth scientists and experts in every area of life.

Rescue your people from the tyranny of vicious dictators and corrupt regimes by striving for democracy. Stop blaming America for the killing of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a matter of fact more Muslims are killed by other Muslims than by Americans. So stop killing each other and start living in peace. Secure stability and peace by treating others just and fair as your Prophet taught you. He said you should treat your neighbor well, whatever may be his religion.

Dr. Mark A. Gabriel

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