• Dr. Marl A. Gabriel

Important Declaration By Dr. Mark A. Gabriel

This is to express my deep sadness about the fact that some of my writings have been misused by right wing organisations and individuals, including John Hagee. Many of these misguided people use my writings to wrongly justify hate against Muslims. People who do so, seem to have missed one of my core messages, namely my appeal to distinguish between radical Islam as a teaching or ideology and Muslims as people. I believe that the ...majority of Muslims are peaceful people who want to live in peace and work hard to provide for their families. They deserve to be respected and to enjoy their human rights, including their religious freedom, just as anyone else on this planet. This is to explicitly distance myself from any hate preacher who misuses my writings. This is to further clarify that my main motivation in writing books such as Islam and Terrorism was to expose and counter the radical interpretations of Islam and the violent behaviour of radical Islamic groups. Today, after many years of further research, I discovered that many of the critical Islamic teachings that are widely considered as core Islamic teachings, including for example the death penalty for apostasy, or the stoning for adultery, are based on ‘weak’ ahadith and in fact, even contradict the Qur’an and the ‘correct’ Sunnah. The new focus of my work is, therefore, to call all Muslims not to blindly acknowledge the violent understandings of Islamic teaching as divine, but to consider the many peaceful teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. These include for example the right to freedom of religion. I believe that there is a way for all of us to live together in peace and harmony, namely if we all respect each other independent of differences of belief.

Dr. Mark A. Gabriel.

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