Dr. Mark A. Gabriel's New Book


How to Reconcile Islamic Criminal Law with Human Rights


LIBERATING ISLAM   Presents a Revolutionary Approach to Reconcile Islamic Criminal Law with Human Rights

Islamic criminal law causes much suffering to both Muslims and non-Muslims and leads to a conflict of Islamic world with the rest of the world community. Particularly the harsh corporal punishments, such as stoning to death for adultery, and beheading for blasphemy violate human rights severely. These punishments are practiced not only by radical Islamic groups like ISIS, but also by several Islamic countries. The problem is that the current predominant Islamic doctrines are shaped by some archaic radical (false) interpretations, some of which, in fact, even contradict the Qur'an itself.

This book shows how Islamic criminal law can be reconciled with international human rights.

In this book Dr. Gabriel explains:


  • Why it is important to distinguish between Shariah and Islamic law
  • Why Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) plays a key role in the conflict
  • Why reformation and renewal can be considered an Islamic concept
  • Why deterrence is no longer a valid argument to justify corporal punishments
  • Why the Quran and the Sunnah always need to be interpreted in the context of the relevant time and environment and considering the need of the people
  • Why it is fully legitimate to reform Islamic criminal law to fit with the 21st century and with international human rights standards

This book Will Be an Eye-Opener And Guideline Especially For Politicians and Academics Around the world


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